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News, at last, of Su Pollard – who, quite unbeknown to us, has been regaling readers of her official website with regular communiqués about her glamorous showbiz life.
Don't believe for one moment that Su has been "resting" these past few years since the demise of her last great sitcom, Oh Doctor Beeching!
Her most recent letter to fans, posted in February 2004, found her in ebullient form after giving her Wicked Queen to adoring panto audiences in Reading.
On stage, Su was resplendent in a breathtaking red and black creation, topped off with a spectacular wig and “diamond” tiara.
“I wanted to wear it in Sainsburys,” confides Su, “but the producer had other ideas.” Probably for the best, eh?
Su rounds off her epistle by looking forward to a forthcoming run in from-beyond-the-grave comedy A Happy Medium, and entreats her loyal fans who might want to see her in the theatre: “Please, make yourself known. I'm sure we can enjoy a drink at the bar”. What reasonable person could resist the lure of a chinwag over a cointreau and orange with the woman who gave us the unforgettable Peggy in Hi-De-Hi?
No time today to reflect on Su’s run in “Vag Mon”, to share her moving essay on grief following the death of an elderly aunt (“Very sad. Luckily I have some snazzy black numbers at the back of my wardrobe somewhere”), or to relay her considerable delight at discovering Poundland in Lincoln (“I find it extremely orgasmic”). But you can be assured that we will return to those matters, and others, very soon.

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