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All the TV that's mad, bad, or just a little bit evil for MONDAY. Our Tiny Tanya Turner ratings show just how low each show goes – the more Tanyas a show scores, the more mental it is.
» DISCOMBOBULATED! Neighbours, BBC1, 5.35pm
Libby is back, and is not happy that her dad, Dr Karl, is practising his bedside manner on the scheming Izzy.
» EXTRACURRICULAR! Coronation Street, ITV1, 7.30pm and 8.30pm
We're delighted to see the frightful Cilla back in Weatherfield, and happier still that she is set to sink her not-inconsiderable hooks into Les once again tonight. The catfight in the Rovers when Janice finds out will be a beautiful thing.
» INTRIGUE! FILM: Outbreak, Five, 9pm
Diseased monkeys try to wipe out humanity. Or something.
» POINTY! 101 Things Removed From The Human Body
You will hope they are making it all up, but the programme makers promise that, yes, that man really did survive getting a load of nails shot into his head. And who would have thought you could live through having a swordfish impaled in your eyeball? Not us. Look away if you're squeamish or some kind of girl.
» Are we missing something great? Or even something rubbish – we're honestly not fussed! Click on the comment link below and tell us all about it.

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