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Our US rubbish correspondent MarkNYC writes:
» Just as UK viewers are growing tired of Big Brother, the US version has just begun its fifth series.
CBS learned after the first year that the UK format does not work on the lazy American audiences who tended to vote off all the interesting people right out the gate. Instead, the game is now designed to pit the housemates against each other and make life for them as hellish as possible.
Each week there is a food challenge (a loss results in a strict peanut butter and jelly diet), a Head of Household competition (one person picks the two nominees), a veto competition (a chance to save a nominee) and an eviction. In between is a ton of general unkindness, scheming, alliance forming and bargaining.
This year, CBS has some new tricks to spring on the housemates in a format they are calling Operation Do Not Assume, aka Operation DNA.
Here are some highlights:
» Two of the house mates, male and female, are actually brother and sister but do not know the other even exists! Sadly, the odds of them having sex before they find out is slim.
» Two of the house mates have twin siblings. One of them will play the game tag-team style with their sibling and try to fool the other house mates! We hope it is cute Drew from Ohio who says in his bio: "Women have been distracting to me in the past - we'll see if that stays consistent."
» During the first food competition, Yoga instructor Holly chose to take $10,000 cash for herself in exchange for forcing everyone to eat peanut butter and jelly the entire first week. Her bio tells us her greatest fear is "That I will have to eat peanut butter and jelly for a week". It would be nice if Drew is offered $10,000 at some point to see if he can be distracted from women.
» Perhaps Drew could be distracted by Will, a 26 year-old registered nurse from Tupelo. Despite being quite obviously gay, Will has decided to deny this to the confusion of his house mates and "play the gay card" only when the time is right. He states in his bio: "I love a nice mind game, but I don't shy away from getting physical either (wink, wink)."
We'll keep you informed of any further exciting developments. Also, watch for a special summer edition of My Tivo Thinks I'm Clay soon, summarizing the lowest offerings of American television.

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