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Phew! We're having a bit of a busy week at lowculture HQ, and can't quite be bothered to write proper updates for the site. But we do think you need to know that:
1. Maggie Kirkpatrick, alias Joan "The Freak" Ferguson from Prisoner Cell Block H, is about to turn up in Home And Away – as the tough-as-old-boots top dog of the prison that Dani Sutherland is sent to when she's convicted of attempted murder.
2. Last weekend, Rustie Lee put her political ambitions on hold to appear on LivingTV's I'm Famous And Frightened, alongside such TV greats as Adele Silva, “Handy” Andy Kane, Anne "Betty from Crossroads" Charleston, Danniella Westbrook, Jeff Brazier, John Noakes and Terry Christian. We are thrilled to be able to tell you that she was voted both braver and better than that pack of losers, and won a lot of money for her chosen charities. lowculture's Neil was actually supposed to interview them all at Fyvie Castle, which would have been quite good. Instead, he was sitting in the G-A-Y bar in London perving at men. What a gay.
3. You need to watch The Bill this week, as it's your last chance to see Daniel MacPherson as the extra-cute PC Cameron Tate. To mark this occasion, we thought it would be fitting to repeat the picture we used to mark his first appearance last year.
4. We've received word that Dani Behr is presenting some kind of dating show for dwarves on US cable tv. More as we get it.
5. While you're waiting for us to get off our arses and actually write some stuff, have a look at a new weblog called High Camp Caress Morell. It's got stuff about loads of things we like, including Central Park West, Savannah and, of course, Dynasty. In fact, it's a bit too much like competition, so we're currently trying to channel the spirit of Alexis Colby to think of ways to get the creators banged up in a grim South American prison, like Dynasty's original Caress Morell.
* There aren't really five and a half things, because how can you have half a thing? Exactly. But we do recommend you go and join up at our messageboard. It's a bit like this, except written by you lot, with fewer typos and more frequent updates.

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