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We're loving the chaingang task imposed on the housemates this week. Particularly the fact that they have not been joined with their expected partners, and that they aren't even allowed to carry out their own ablutions.
And for us, the greatest comedy pairing is obvious. Here's Dan, cleaning the lovely Nadia's teeth for her. Either that or he's found the only way to stop her talking about cigarettes for a few seconds.
The sight of Nadia tottering about in her heels as she tries to keep up with Dan's long strides is equally amusing.
"It's like carrying a third leg, isn't it?" she commented.
"I'm used to that," replied Dan.
Stuart and Shell, connected at the waist, seem to be getting on with things without much complaint. Which brings us on to our final, wrist-boung couple - Jason and Michelle.
We have a horrible feeling Jason could make it into the final week if Michelle's sickening lusting after Stu isn't curtailed sharpish.
Ever since the chains went on, her determination to control Stuart has increased tenfold. We don't know what's worse: her catty comments to Shell to keep away from Stuart, or her finding excuses to noisily snog him at every given opportunity.
Funny thing is, despite being chained to another woman, Stu's never had more freedom.
Michelle: what happened? You were at your peak when you were locked in the bedsit with Emma. We love your dirty laugh and your filthy trumps. But drop the Fatal Attraction routine, please. We can't bear Jason's fish-out-of-water face gurns for another week.

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