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What ho! Get ready to gasp in wonderment in reaction to these amazing facts about Tuesday, July 27:
» The Millennium Dome was sold to a Japanese bank for £105million on this day in 2000. The bank planned to turn the dome into a theme park. Commentators noted it was a small return for a £761million investment. But they're not bitter.
» A British pilot was questioned by Italian police after holding passengers aboard his aircraft in Milan six years ago. The reason? He said they wouldn't be allowed to leave until the person who disabled the smoke detector in the toilets owned up, but relented after 45 minutes when a confession wasn't forthcoming. He should have gone into a sudden dive at 30,000feet instead. That would've seen someone cough up, surely?
» After 18 months of rehearsal, grooming and styling by Stock, Aitken and Waterman, Rick Astley's career was launched in the UK. And look! He's still at it!
» Police in Florida (Floridan? Floridian?) revealed in 2000 that they were dealing with around 50 crashes a month at the first roundabout in the area. Apparently, American drivers were only used to driving in straight lines, and were confused by the curvy bit, dagnabbit.
» Coronation Street's Terry Duckworth, Nigel Pivaro, had to bring his script on stage when he forgot his lines for a King's Lynn performance of Dead of Night. It must've broken Vera's bloody 'eart.
» Happy birthday to: The Dean half of Torvill and Dean, Christopher (46); and Tracy Shaw, who was doomed to be fatally walloped as Maxine Peacock by Richard Hillman in Coronation Street (31).

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