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We know Mondays are rubbish, so why not take some time to cheer yourself up with these amazing facts about Monday, July 26?
» The horror! The Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show was cancelled in 2001 because of the foot and mouth crisis. It had taken place every year since 1800 without fail.
» The Football Association announced plans in 2000 to introduce a 12-match ban for players who man-handled referees, leaving post-goal fondling and the after-game showers as the only enticing factors of the game for us.
» We have to admit this one escaped us, but apparently Naomi Campbell became the new face of a washing up liquid in 2000. She donned rubber gloves and said: "What does it take to get me in rubber?"
» The Spice Girls went straight to number one on this day in 1998 with Viva Forever, their first single since the departure of Geri Halliwell. But her spirit lived on in the form of a model fairy-thing, as the video in which it appeared was already complete.
» Happy birthday to: Drag idol Danny La Rue (77), oft-naked actress Helen Mirren (59), and actress Sandra Bullock (40!).
» Unrelated fact of the day: Cough medicine was advertised in 1898 as containing heroin.

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