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Today, you find lowculture slightly hungover, after a Sunday evening of thrills and spills at London's homosexual G-A-Y bar.
Why were we in this pink neon paradise for the second Sunday in a row? No, it wasn't to letch over well-groomed young gays with impossibly fashionable hair. Well, not just for that anyway. The big lure is the amazing video jukebox, which is full to bursting with all kinds of trash.
For just one British pound, you can pick four songs. Our selection included a Shania Twain song we have previously denounced on this very website as the work of the devil, Rollercoaster by B*Witched, the ever brilliant Last Thing On My Mind by Steps and, from a choice of three (three!) Deuce videos, I Need You.
All well and good, we hear you say. But, despite the apparant brilliance of this piece of technical wizardry, we always find that we are left wanting at the end of the evening - because the fucking thing never actually plays any of our tunes before closing time!
There's nothing else for it – we will just have to go back next Sunday and try again.

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