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It's Friday! Thank fuck for that! Killing time till work finishes? Then check these amazing facts about Friday, July 30.
» It was revealed in 1936 that just under a quarter of a million calls had been made to the speaking clock in its first week of service.
» Have you forgotten how good they taste? Cornflakes were invented 106 years ago today (that's 1898, folks). Best check the expiry date on your packet, just to be on the safe side.
» Debbie Gibson previewed her summer tour today in 1991. In her back garden! On the same day, thousands of people were soaked by torrential rain at Pavarottie's 30th anniversary concert in Hyde Park.
» Coronation Street was voted the nation's favourite programme today in 1965. Eee, and there were no bummers in them days, neither.
» Meow! Cat fight! Sporty Spice Mel C slammed former Ginger Spice Geri, saying that her album was "hollow" and that her music did not come from the heart in 1999. But we *heart* hollow and insincere, you silly moo.
» Happy birthday to: Novelty California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (57), eternally baffling but endearing songstress Kate Bush (46), iconic decathlete Daley Thompson (46), and Friends actress Lisa Kudow.
» Unrelated fact of the day. Apparently, "ough" can be pronounced in eight different ways. Before you start drawing attention by grunting away in front of colleagues/passers-by/medical staff, please add some letters to the front before doing so.

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