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Tch! Is is just us, or is this week dragging something hellish? Never mind, grab a few minutes away from it all as you peruse these amazing facts about Thursday, July 29:
» It's 23 years to the day since Lady Diana Spencer donned a flouncy meringue to marry The Prince of Wales at St Paul's Cathedral in London. More than 700million people around the world tuned in. Eastenders scriptwriters take note: perhaps Fergie could perform a cameo and get hitched to Ian Beale.
» Anti-fur group PETA planned to take their campaign to the internet in 1998, only to find their domain name already taken up by the People for Eating Tasty Animals.
» A Welsh couple were given permission to marry at home, owing to the bride's agoraphobia. They planned to spend their honeymoon watching videos.
» Which of Claire Sweeney's assets would you reckon she'd be best having insured? We don't know either. But the smiley lass decided to have her knockers safeguarded for £5million in 2001 in preparation for abseiling down a 90ft building wearing just knickers and a bra.
» Happy fourth wedding anniversary to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, who in their vows promised to make banana milkshakes (Jennifer) and split the cost of the heating thermostat (Brad).
» Ireland's own Nostradamus, Ronan Keating, warned in 2001 that boy bands would wooon become a thing of the past, as rock 'n' roll would be making a comeback.
» Happy birthday to: Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton (32!), Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul (41), and ever-fit actor Stephen Dorff (31).

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