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Hooray! It's Wednesday! That's near enough the weekend for us, but while we're waiting, why not browse these amazing facts about Wednesday, July 28?
» Filling your face with crisps or chips at the moment? Then let's all be grateful to Sir Thomas Harriot, who brought the first potato to Britain, from Colombia, on this day in 1786.
» Monica Lewinsky agreed to tell the truth about her affair with Bill Clinton on this day in 1998. She promised this in exchange for full immunity from perjury prosecution. And more than her fair share of media exposure, presumably.
» It's five years since an English world dictionary was launched, featuring words that highlighted the influence of Australian and American television on the language. They included "puh-lease" and "no worries" but we won't be happy till we own a concise Oxford that includes the term "fanny baws".
» Hoorah for equality! Florence Nangle was granted a licence to train racehorses in 1966, becoming the first woman ever to do so. Unfortunately, her battle had taken 20 years, and by this time she was 70 years old.
» Amazed that Jason has lasted so long in the Big Brother house? Then be even more flabbergasted when we point out it's exactly three years since airline steward Brian Dowling won the second series of the show. In refreshingly honest style, Brian said he would not give the money to charity, but would instead spend his £70,000 winnings.
» And while we're on the subject of BB, it's four years to the day since the very first British Big Brother contestant was voted out. Remember who? We've put their name in the comments box, so leave us a note while you're there, won't you?
» Happy birthday to: Garfield's creator Jim Davis (59), who must surely be weeping at the sight of the terrible CGI creation that's headed for our cinema screens. Also celebrating is former Hear'Say singer Noel Sullivan (24). Aw, bless!

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