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The phones at lowculture towers have literally not started ringing since our incredible revelations last week about Rustie Lee's plans to stand for Parliament as a UK Independence Party candidate.
Despite this, we feel sure you want to know more about Rustie's plans for the future. And, although we frequently leave you wanting (sometimes for days at a time), this is not one of those occasions.
Aside from her lofty political ambitions, we are happy to report that Rustie is hard at work on her autobiography and some new cook books. And she has plenty of time for her writing, as she is presently recuperating after a hip replacement operation. The ever-valiant TV chef is not taking this lying down, though, and you will be pleased to know that she has been spotted out and about in Kiddiminster, walking with the aid of a stick, a mere six weeks after her op.
Her hip is not the only thing causing discomfort, though – Britain's role in the EC is still her main cause for concern.
"I accepted that Britain is already part of the EC," she told a local newspaper, "but we don't want to get any deeper in.
"I've put my toe in and it's cold."
Hopefully this cold is a purely political one, and not some unfortunate consequence of Rustie's new hip.

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