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Democracy at work

Well, we don't know about anyone else, but we can barely sleep at night for worrying about the consequences of the government's agenda to forge stronger links with the EU. It's surely only a matter of time before all the main functions of national government are taken over by the bureaucratic institutions of Brussels, with all kinds of potentially catastrophic consequences for Britain's economy and prosperity.
Of course, what we really need in this time of desperate need is for more high-profile celebrities to come forward and speak out against the onward march of the EU superstate. Specifically, Rustie Lee.
Rustie – who optimistically describes herself as a TV chef, despite the fact that the last time she graced the small screen was to cook chicken stir fry for Anne Diamond in 1988 – has decided that enough is enough, and has joined the UK Independence Party. She now intends to stand for Parliament at the next General Election.
The Brummie chef and sometime Game For A Laugh hostess is furious at claims that Britain is pumping £25 million a day into the EC – that, says Rustie, is simply too much.
"This is money we could be spending on our pensioners, our health service, our education system. We should be deciding where it is spent," she fumed.
Rustie, it seems, has decided that the only way to smash the system is from the inside, and we wish her the best of British with her candidacy. UKIP bigwig Mike Nattrass, however, is less sanguine about her bold plans.
"We are delighted to have Rustie on board. But she will have to go through the selection process," he warned. Hardly the warmest of welcomes into the fold, then, but we feel sure that the staging of some kind of zany hidden camera stunt will silence even Rustie's most vociferous critics.

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