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At last, Big Brother bad boys Jason and Victor have been banned from nominating their fellow housemates for eviction this week – raising the delightful prospect of one of them being unceremoniously hoofed out of the house on Friday night.
Big Brother has given the official reason for their punishment as 'incessant and illegal discussion of nominations' – Victor has broken the rules 36 times, and Jason has managed to chalk up 31 offences.
This BB retribution can't have come soon enough, in our book. It was extremely distasteful to have to watch Emma expelled from the house for her bad behaviour while that pair of cocks remained free to be as offensive as they pleased.
Incidentally, a poll on our messageboard to determine who is the biggest prick out of the two Jungle Cats (not, we hasten to add, who HAS the biggest prick) currently sees Jason miles out in front with at 66% of the vote, which seems fair enough to us.

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