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Dynasty, that most super of 1980s supersoaps, has been off the telly for years now, and many fans still mourn the demise of its fanciful frocks and ridiculous storylines.
There's little chance of a reunion, sadly – although the sight of Alexis and Krystle setting about each other with their Zimmer frames in the fountain outside the Carrington mansion does have a certain appeal.
But all is not lost, because production has just started in Australia on Dynasty – Behind The Scenes, a two-hour TV movie which will chronicle the increasingly ridiculous lengths to which the producers went in their attempts to keep the show at the top of the ratings.
The writers of the "film" promise that the truth is just as strange as the fiction – so expect everything up to, but not necessarily including, alien abuctions, buried Nazi gold, multiple Fallons and Moldavian massacres.
Who knows when we will get to see it here in the UK, but we will keep our eye on the Living TV schedules and report any developments soonest.

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