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Apologies for the absence of lowculture yesterday, but we were somehow sucked through a hole in the space-time continuum back to the mid-1990s, and it has taken us this long to find a way to return to the present day.
How can we be sure that we had been transported back in time by ten years? Well, we went along to the Big Gay Out bumming jamboree in London on Saturday, and found ourselves standing in a big field watching performances from Urban Cookie Collective, Robin S, Lindy Layton, Happy Clappers, Adeva and Ce Ce Peniston. If there's a more reasonable explanation than a big hole in the fabric of time for why we were enduring that ramshackle pack of old has-beens going through the motions, we would be very interested to hear it.
It wasn't all bad, though. We had special pink wristbands which gave us access to the VIP area - although the definition of "important" seems to have been broadened somewhat to encompass not just us, but also Sam Fox, the less-fit boy from Pop! and the blonde one out of V.
Also, these events are always a good opportunity to perv at assorted buffed-up homosexualists braving the inclement weather to strut around in their pants while trying to avoid catching anyone's gaze with their cold, dead eyes.
And with drinks at a reasonable £3 a go, and poppers on sale for as little as £2.50 a bottle, it seems mean to complain too much.
Did we feel proud? Not especially. Did we feel very drunk and oddly light-headed? Absolutely.
Job's a good 'un.

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