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The Shattered housemates are beginning to look increasingly pasty, we feel. Even a late-night rendition of the Huka chant with a full-on painted Maouri only seemed to do so much to regenerate the tired bunch.
Still their energetic efforts were a far cry from yesterday, when Chris volunteered himself for the latest of sneaky challenges designed to get the eyelids drooping.
Donning his pyjamas, he was sent to bed in the next room, where a friendly grandma read him a bedtime story about some bear reaching for the stars (or something).
Despite a good start, half an hour into the session poor Chris couldn't help himself, and he nodded off without hearing the end of the story.
Aww. It's his cute hopelessness that really endears him to us, although we have to admit we're beginning to pay a bit more attention to some of the other housemates now.
It was only last night we really began to notice sweary Welsh lass Claire M, who came to blows with Dean on more than once occassion through the day.
Not afraid to speak her mind, she had us laughing during her daily interview, when she ranted about Dean losing the group a grand.
"All day I was thinking it was me, and it was really that *whispers* bastard out there."
But in true reality TV show style, just as we'd decided, she was out on her ear, her fate sealed with the toss of a coin. Well, almost.
Having both been picked for the elimination challenge, Claire and Dean both ended up with the same score after betting on the toss of a coin.
Unfortunately for Claire, that meant she faced the door as computer tests showed she had deteriorated the most between the two since the previous day.
That leaves Clare S as the only remaining female, making it look all the more likely that it will be one of the blokes who eventually takes the Shattered title.
But at the rate Jimmy's nodding off, just how much of the prize fund is likely to be left by Saturday?

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