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As you scrabble about for change for the bus this morning (we're currently 30p short), spare a thought for American lottery winner Elecia Battle.
Well, we SAY lottery winner, but the poor girl only done gone and lost her Mega Millions ticket. Bad enough when you think of the usual national jackpot over here is usually a nice six-figure sum, but Elecia claims to have bought the ticket that would have landed her almost £90million.
Mrs Battle, along with her husband and their seven children, are understandably a bit emotional about the loss.
"I'm praying that someone finds the ticket, brings it forward and gets rewarded, and from there we all live happily ever after," she said.
Needless to say, locals have been scouring the radius of the grocery store in Ohio where she bought the ticket (to the tune of "Elecia who?" we imagine).
Worse still, whoever finds the ticket is legally entitled to the cash. Fucksticks! Never mind, Elecia, there's always the scratchcards . . .

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