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Amazing things about January 6:
» A survey of the most hated TV ads in 2000 saw Bounty kitchen towels and Chicken Tonight singled out for criticism. Obviously, Linda Barker was not doing Currys adverts at that stage, otherwise the results would have been quite, quite different.
» Grace Kelly took her first steps on the path to becoming Princess Grace of Monaco when she got engaged to Prince Ranier on this day in 1956.
» Training Dogs The Barbara Woodhouse Way made its TV debut in 1980.
» Newspaper reports in 2002 suggested that S Club 7 were planning to split up that year after a farewell tour and a greatest hits compilation. The band denied this, saying they had many more plans for 2002 – specifically, planning the spilt, farewell tour and compilation that would follow in 2003.
» The moose out of Northern Exposure died on this day in 1994, aged 6. So young!
» No fact frenzy today, as we don't give a toss about anyone whose birthday it is. Suffice to say, the list of candidates included Axl Rose (43), Rowan Atkinson (49) and Pepe Le Pew (59).

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