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We've been keeping a quiet eye on Shattered since the show started at the weekend, but our patience seems to be paying off.
Our response to anything less than eight hours' sleep a night tends to take the form of anger, tears and confusion*, so it's hard to imagine just how these poor saps are doing after close to 90 hours of sleep deprivation.
Except we don't have to! The sudden jerks**, tricks of vision and irritability are now beginning to manifest themselves inside the not-the-Big-Brother-house, and we can watch each and every one of them for ourselves.
Following the elimination of Claire M and Salma, Lucy decided she'd had enough and left yesterday morning after more than 75 hours in the lab.
Craig, he of nice hair and possible "friend of lowculture" joined her last night after coming last in the elmination challenge.
As the numbers decrease, we should be placing our bets on who should win before too long.
Now call us fickle, but we are always immidiately drawn to the cute boy. His name is Chris, he's 22, and by now he's also in need of a bit of tlc. Aw, just look at the face.
But in our experience, the cute ones don't always provide the best entertainment. To that end, we're keeping our minds open for the moment.
Our only concern is that once they start succumbing to slumber, the competition could be over within a matter of hours. Nevertheless, we're staying tuned to see just how much the lack of sleep affects them. Okay, and to see if anyone loses control of their bladder.
(By the way, if you want to experience visual trickery without staying up all night, try filling in the sleep survey on the Shattered website. If your experience is anything like ours, the little boxes will soon seem to be flying round the screen)
* We're fairly sure that's what causes it, anyway.
** Nope, not that kind. You're thinking of Big Brother.

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