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Amazing things about January 8:
» The Pope spoke out against low-cut evening gowns on this day in 1904, saying that no good Catholic woman should consider wearing them. Catholic men were, presumably, free to wear whatever slutty dresses took their fancy.
» It was announced in 1997 that Derek Wilton was to be axed from Coronation Street. He died a lonely death at the side of a B road a few months later, without his beloved Mavis at his side. Which was a fucking travesty, when you think about it.
» A Thai film star held a three day funeral in 2001 – for a water buffalo which featured in one of his most successful films
» Girl group All Saints finally collapsed in 2001, when Mel and Shaznay teamed up to sack the Appleton sisters. Since then, solo success has eluded every last one of them.
» There was no more dreaming about tomorrow this time 15 years ago, and the loneliness and the sorrow had been completely forgotten. That's because Kylie and Jason bestrode the Top 40 like a two-headed Australian Colossus. The situation at the top of the charts was no less exciting five years later, when Chaka Demus and, of course, Piers, were at No.1 with Twist and Shout

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