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We purchased volume one of The Classic Carry On Film Collection at the weekend. But in the newsagent at the train station, rather than the shopping centre. And we made out we were browsing for porn till the coast was clear. And we asked for a bag.
But in all honesty, we have a particular fondness for the Carry On series, particularly those made pre-1970.
And while it may not be our favourite instalment of all time, Carry on Camping marks a good start to the collection.
Particularly because Barbara Windsor boasts a barnet which looks near identical to the one she sported to make her debut as Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders around a quarter of a century later.
While there is a plot, of sorts, all you need to know is the film involves the following:
» Barbara Windsor's skimpy bikini top famously flying across the field into Kenneth Williams' face during exercise class.
» Kenneth Williams scolding Hattie Jacques with a firm "Matron!" and generally running scared from her advances, brought on by him accidentally grabbing her tit in the shower earlier.
» Joan Sims crying "disgusting!" after discovering the film she has been brought to see by Sid James - Nudist Paradise - contains footage of actual, naked lady boobs, rather than the fluffy bunny rabbits she must have been expecting.
» Terry Scott having his arse set on fire while trying to get changed beside a gas fire in his tent.
» Classic sixties dancing by Babs and co as the party of schoolgirls discovers a rave in the neighbouring field.
So that may have saved you the trouble of viewing the film for yourself, or enticed you to rush out and secure your own copy. Either way, we'll leave you with an image of Babs clutching her Baps as we head off into the real world for a while (cue calls of "Ooh, Matron! Take them away!").

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