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It appeared as if somebody had let Chris into the gin cabinet yesterday, with Shattered viewers last night being greeted by a slurrying, swaying figure who looked highly unlikely to last the duration.
But after the daily catnap was brought forward to midday, he regained some of his composure, and became less the drunken teen and more the gently confused grandparent.
Nonetheless, it came as no suprise to find that he would be joining Dean and Jimmy for last night's eviction test - where each was challenged to name as many words in a minute beginning with a randomly selected letter.
Chris made a valiant start with the letter G, but floundered after only a few seconds. With that, we thought his fate was sealed.
Without Claire M to shout at, Dean had been a lot more reserved through the day, even nodding off at one point and costing the team £1,000. Despite this, we were fairly sure he'd survive the challenge with relative ease.
His selection of words was spread slowly, but steadily over the 60 seconds, before Jimmy appeared and shit all over the both of them* by rattling out 29 words on the letter L.
As the word count was confirmed to bated breath, we were pleased to find that Chris had scraped into second place with 10 words against Dean's 9, and he returned to the lab with Jimmy.
But where it goes from here is anyone's guess.
Out of all the housemates, It's Clare S that looks the least affected by her experience so far, with Jonathan coming a close second.
As much as we hate to admit it, we fear Chris may be next out the door, if not by failing the next challenge, then possibly by tiredness getting the better of him once and for all.
For the moment, we're left guessing which way things will go. As well as wondering why each of the links in the Shattered coverage seems to take the form of a close up of Jonathan pulling a daft face.
*not literally

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