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The villainous Angie finally flipped in yesterday's HOME AND AWAY (Five, 6pm), revelling in her victory over the residents of Summer Bay. Unfortunately, her moment of triumph was fairly short-lived after the arrival of an unexpected visitor – her murderer! Looks like Colleen's petition to have the loopy teacher run out of town is slightly redundant.
It's totally freaking us out that Sky Mangel is now back in NEIGHBOURS (BBC1, 5.35pm), dressed up as her dead mother, Kerry. It seems like only yesterday that she was a chubby blonde toddler big rosy cheeks. Kerry was a bit of a rebel, and Sky seems to want to to follow in her mother's footsteps (except that bit about getting killed by duck hunters). But her big night out went horribly wrong yesterday, and it's up to wily old Harold to see through her tough exterior.
He's out! Pete Callan is on the run in FAMILY AFFAIRS (Five, 6.30pm), and, like all soap fugitives, he decides not to bother with getting as far away as possible, and heads directly to the Black Swan – much to Eileen's amazement. The police will never think of looking for him there!
Typical! Your brother-in-law goes around for months killing pretty much anyone he fancies without detection, and you get into just one rooftop struggle with him and you end up charged with murder. That's Dan's predicament in HOLLYOAKS (Channel 4, 6.30pm). Things could be worse, though – he could be Ruth, who is entertaining lustful notions about Tony.
Todd's plan to prove he doesn't really like bums after all continues to play out in CORONATION STREET (ITV1, 7.30pm), when he gets down on one knee. Incredibly, it's not to suck off a stranger in the toilets at the Red Rec – he's actually asking Sarah to marry him. Gail will do her triangular nut when she hears about this one.
Janine continues her splendid merry widow turn in EASTENDERS (BBC1, 8pm). Tonight, she expresses her grief through the medium of dance.

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