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Diana: The Comic

In the most unlikely comback since yesterday's H and Claire one, it's rumoured that Princess Diana is to return – as an X-Men!
Richard on the lowculture messageboard reports that Marvel Comics Editor In Chief Joe Quesada has apparently announced that Princess Di will be joining one of the X-Men spinoff teams, X-Statix. He said:
"Like every good superhero, she's coming back from the dead. This defies my 'Dead-Is-Dead' rule. Princess Di is coming back and she's going to join one of the X-Men teams. Her spirit is coming back. This is not a joke."
Well, we would hope not. You can listen to the interview You can listen to the interview here and decide for yourself if he's serious.
Needless to say, if this does turn out to be true and Di returns to our lives as a Spandex-wearing, crime-fighting super-mutant, there are likely to be a few people who take offence. Bring on the moral outrage! Do you lot want to phone the Daily Mail, or will we?

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