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Cut off

Cutting It has twisted and turned its way to the end of a fantastic series, but it didn't end exactly as we had expected.
If you had, like us, read all the stuff in the papers and TV mags, you might have been anticipating a fiery cliffhanger with both of the salons going up in a puff of smoke, leaving us wondering if anyone was trapped inside.
The smart money would have been on Gavin's nasty gangster landlady pouring petrol through his letterbox, chucking a match through and running away. But, in the end, it seemed like it was naughty Mia (Amanda Holden) - who was slighty upset that her husband had decided to stay with Allie, and had also been knocking off her porn-star mother since about two hours after they were first introduced - who had done the fiery deed. What a bitch! (We love her).
The real surprise was that the actual cliffhanger was the dramatic climax of the big emotional storyline, rather than some rubbish exploding stuff that everyone knew about already.
Now, pay attention at the back, as this is where it gets complicated: Mia shagged Finn and thought he was going to run away with her, but he wasn't ... Gavin, the big old stud that he is, had managed to knock up Allie's daughter, Ruby, and when Allie found out, she made him promise to stick by her and give up the chance of a reconcilliation with her ... and Allie also got pregnant by Gavin, but tried to pass it off as Finn's, except he knew it wasn't his because he'd had the snip ...
Cue longing looks, sad music, much gratuitous slow motion, and end titles.
OK, so the series may have sagged a bit in the middle, and the whole thing was slightly incredible (I mean, how many different hairdressing competitions can one city support?) , but it was still lowcultural triumph - and the good news is, series three is in the pipeline.
Memo to BBC: Pay Amanda Holden whatever she demands.

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