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Tuesday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Holby City 8pm, BBC1 (shown tomorrow in Scotland) ... It had to happen, really – Emma Samms (Fallon from Dynasty) turns up in a guest role. Does that mean it's now Colby City?
» The Dinner Party Inspectors 8.30pm, Channel 4 ... We're loving this, although we're still not entirely happy that everybody featured is posh – brink on the pikeys! At least tonight's group don't look like total wankers (er, mostly). They just look drunk. It's like what should be happening on Big Brother, but isn't.
» Cutting It 9pm, BBC1 ... We're in two minds about this episode – sad, because it's the last in the series, but also happy, because it's going to be a corker. Both the salons get burned to the ground, and there's sure to be a healthy dose of partner-swapping, bitching and scheming as well. Hoorah!
» Fame: Remember My Name 10.35pm, BBC1 (11.05pm in Scotland) ... Denise Van Outen catches up with some of the stars of the classic 80s series.
» Is there something else we should be watching? Click on the comment link.

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