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Get 'em out

The idea of a Big Brother double eviction has a kind of perverse appeal to us – and not just because it sounds like the title of some kind of low-grade porno movie.
It's got more to do with the fact that, Ray's hilarious off-the-wrist action notwithstanding, the whole thing has taken a distinct turn for the boring.
Previous series' have been livened up by the sight of the housemates bouncing off all the walls with their kits off while pissed on cheap cider. This bunch, though , seem utterly uncapable of passing any of their tasks, and they're not going any better with the superhero thing this week, so we reckon they won't be able to afford any comedy five litre bottles of White Lightning this week either.
We know you lot are getting bored too – to the point of suggesting that the housemates should be sealed inside the house and drowned – so if you've got any bright ideas (or not-so-bright ones, we're not bothered) that could liven things up, click on the comment link below and share them with us.
UPDATE: Federico, Jon and Cameron are the three housemates up for eviction - but which two will go? We reckon Federico wouldn't be being to hasty if he packed his bags now, so the real battle will be between the other two.

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