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Fuck me facts!

Amazing things about June 17:
» Lulu appeared in concert at Vancouver sporting an eyepatch in 1968. We won't spoil a good story by revealing the mundane reason behind it. (Suffice to say, it had nothing to do getting spunk in her eye).
» Elton John performed for students at Shoreditch College in Surrey in 1977. The act they had booked dropped out at the last minute, so some cheeky students nipped to Elton's nearby home, buzzed his intercom and asked him to fill in – and he agreed.
» Big-nosed celebrity Barry Manilow is 57 today.
» A high-speed car chase across LA was screened around the world in 1994 as OJ Simpson was pursued by police following the disovery of the bodies of his wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman.
» The late Beryl Reid, of Mooncat and Co fame, was born on this day in 1920. In later life, she lived in Honeypot Cottage, which was made up of circular rooms, on the banks of the Thames, with her collection of stray cats. It is not known how many of these were mooncats, and how many were the more common earthcats.
» Gina G began a legal claim for royalties for Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit in 1999. Despite its success, the company holding the royalties went into liquidation before she could get her hands on the loot.

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