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Zut alors!

Amazing facts about May 25:
» Asda cancelled Stephen Gately's promotional tour in 2000, after he admitted to taking cannabis and going on massive benders (in the 'drinking sessions with fellow Boyzone members' sense, not the 'doing The Sex with freakishly large boyfriend' sense).
» Gary Barlow was named Songwriter of the Year at the Ivor Novello awards in 1994. Presumably not for Once You've Tasted Love.
» A 2000 report into Disney films claimed Tigger was too violent.
» This time last year, Emmerdale star Sheree Murphy married Leeds footballer Harry Kewell.
» Birthday boy Julian Clary is 44 today. Also celebrating is Anthea Turner, who is 42. Anthea's first job was on the AA breakdown switchboard. Part-time lesbian Anne Heche is 34 today. And Frank Oz, the voice of Miss Piggy and many others, is 59.

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