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Lorraine knows the score

The BBC's Liquid Eurovision team have, we hear, finally managed to herd the pack of Slovenian trannies who were their special guests last night out of the studio, although not before they had startled Lisa Scott-Lee and tried to invade the S Club dressing room.
Just as well, as they have another busy show to get through at 8pm tonight (repeated at 1.30am). Lorraine will be joined by the mighty Linda 'Why Me?' Martin, and The Bill's Daniel MacPherson, a presenting trio which excites us on many levels, not all of them suitable for discussion on a family website. The team will be presenting the complete history of Eurovision in less than one minute, and trying to sneak onto the set in Riga (it's starry and spacey, apparently).
Also, we are delighted to reveal that our country's new spokesperson, who will deliver the results of the UK phone vote tomorrow night, is none other than Lorraine Kelly herself. We can't think of anyone better for the job, especially if rumours of Lorraine's exciting new 'Karen from Will and Grace' look are to be believed.

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