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Go on... touch it!

Good news for Eurovision viewers – this year the EBU have granted the BBC permission to transmit live from the Contest's Green Room at the Skonto Hall in Riga. Hoorah!
During the contest, BBC One viewers with BBCi will be able to watch both the contest transmission and live shots from backstage (and choose sound from either.) Liquid Eurovision's Tim Muffett will be talking to performers after they come off stage and, hopefully, as the votes come in. There'll also be some classic Eurovision clips from the contest's history vaults.
Don't worry, though, you'll still be able to stick to Terry Wogan's twitterings, if you so desire.
BBC Three will run Liquid Eurovision... A Little Bit More at 11.05pm overlapping with the end of the contest, announcement of the winner and reprise of the winning song. Lorraine Kelly will be joined by guests Jessica Garlick, Carrie Grant (of Fame Academy, erm, fame), Joe Mace and Jemini's Eurovision outfit designer Scott Henshall, to discuss the highs and lows of the contest, review the voting, criticise the shock-frocks and assess the views of the nation via their text messages. Tim Muffett will be live from the after-show party in Riga as well, trying to get some kind of sense out of the winners and losers.
If you've in a non-digital household, without a red button to your name, you can still go (slightly) interactive by pressing Text 888 – the subtitles will translate all the dodgy foreign lyrics into even dodgier English, right before your eyes. It's witchcraft!
And don't forget to give Jemini a big cheer. They may be a bit shonky, but they're ours, so we are obliged to love 'em, by Eurovision law!

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