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They're here . . .

So now we know the identities of the 12 contestants we'll be following for (some, much or all of) the next 64 days, here's the lowdown on each of them, complete with our initial lowculture compulsive viewing rating.

Name: Anouska (Nush)
Age: 20
Occupation: Nursery assistant
Glamourpuss Anouska hails from Derbyshire and wants to be a child psychologist. She sat a sociology exam only this week.
She was the last of the contestants to go into hiding, and the first to enter the Big Brother house this year.
Her application video showed the baby-faced housemate isn't afraid to speak her mind.
Quote: "Oh, my Lord!"

Name: Cameron
Age: 32
Occupation: Fish trader
Orcadian Cameron was all wide-eyed upon entering the house. He says he wouldn't mind meeting a wife during his time in the house, but stresses this isn't his main aim.
Grinning Cam says there must be a God to have created Orkney, and has taken a little bit of home with him in the form of some incredibly sweet Orkney Fudge.
Quote: "This is mad!"

Name: Federico
Age: 23
Occupation: Restaurant worker
The first piece of male totty to enter the house, Federico has done some modelling in the past and is of Italian descent.
Looking very smart in a stylish suit, he has the confidence to match and looks like being a real leader in the house.
Quote: "Now this is surreal"

Name: Gos
Age: 31
Occupation: Chef
Gos, from Southall, had much of his clothing taken from him before entering the house, because there were too many fashion labels showing.
Bespectacled Gos boasts a goatee and leaves behind a girlfriend. His cookery skills are bound to earn favour with his housemates.
Quote: "Oh, my God!

Name: Jon
Age: 29
Staines boy Jon apparently gave up a £70,000 a year job for the chance to win, er, £70,000 in Big
We're hoping he doesn't have a cocky attitude to match his wage. The middle class boy has an identical twin brother, Phil, and looks a wee bit like the guy out of Hanging With Mr Cooper, whose name we can't remember.
Quote: "Isn't it nice?"

Name: Justine
Age: 27
Occupation: Sales manager
Justine, from Leeds, is a mirror twin, which apparently means her sister can feel the same emotions as her.
She certainly seems to be emotional, and was in tears before even entering the house. She looks vaguely like Sophie from last year's BB.
Quote: "You look amazing!" (to Anouska)

Name: Nush
Age: 23
Occupation: Sales assistant
Nush is the nearest we'll get to a Sada this year. She is at one with animals and "likes to be close to nature." Well, at least there's hens in the garden.
Hopes to start a business making colourful cosmic wellies to sell at festivals.
Quote: "I'm Nush, too!"

Name: Ray
Age: 25
Occupation: Systems administrator
While Federico may be the model, it is Galway boy Ray that has caught lowculture's eye. With his bright grin and Irish accent, we'll sure the ladies of the house will be feeling the same.
Quote: "How are you doing?" x7

Name: Scott
Age: 27
Occupation: Marketing manager
Scott, from Liverpool, doesn't seem to smile much. Neither does he "feel the need to have a girlfriend." Make of that what you will.
Isn't satisfied in his work, but has yet to find his dream occupation.
Quote: "Wow!"

Name: Sissy
Age: 26
Occupation: Childrenswear designer
Sissy, also from Liverpool, has been with her boyfriend for three years. He leaves her love notes. Enough said.
While the flame-haired housemate might be more Avril Lavigne than Sonya, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now.
Quote: "Hi!" (Okay, we could have picked better)

Name: Steph
Age: 27
Occupation: Former prison worker
Spikey-haired Steph, from Worcestershire, will mark her birthday in the Big Brother house next Wednesday.
If former years are anything to go by, will she get to choose between a message from her parents, or loads of booze for the flatmates? This early into the competition, we imagine it will be the latter.
Quote: "Oh, dear."

Name: Tania
Age: 22
Occupation: Works in a clothing shop
Tanya, from north-west London, is the Federico equivelant - very stylish and confident. She looks a bit like a cross between Claudia Winkleman and Cat Deely. Should prove a hit with the fellas.
She likes getting her nails done, but hates Sunday drivers. Could be feisty.
Quote: "I'm so nervous!"

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