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Saturday's Low Points

We think you might possibly have got the message that Eurovision is on tonight. But there is other stuff too, oh yes:
» The Dukes of Hazard: Reunion 5.20pm, Five ... A heartbreakingly-ancient Bo and Luke team up with cousin Daisy once more to stop the building of an ecologically unsound theme park.
» Brookside 11.10pm, Channel 4 ... If Brookside's on much later than lunchtime these days, you can be sure it contains large helpings of sex and/or violence. Tonight, it's the violence, as Dr Gary turns wife-beater.
» I Love 1999 12.10am, BBC2 ... Looking back, 1999 was a pretty good year for us, so we don't really mind that it seems a bit soon to be celebrating how great it was. Relive the fuss over Britney putting on her schoolgirl outfit, and Nathan from Queer As Folk taking off his schoolboy one.

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