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Amazing facts about May 23:
» Joan Collins is 70 today! If Joan had not been drafted in to save the ailing Dynasty as superbitch Alexis, Heather Locklear might never have been called upon to save dozens of other shows in a similar fashion, so we have a lot to thank her for. Alexis beat Sophia Loren to the role of Alexis. Also celebrating today is Johnny Ball (if he thinks of a number today, it will probably be 65).
» Jordan (who we forgot to wish a happy birthday yesterday – sorry, pet!) announced her plans to stand an an independent MP in 2001. Among her policies was the right to free plastic surgery for all.
» Mike Nesmith from out of The Monkees had his tonsils out on this day in 1967.
» Boyzone were at No.1 four years ago with You Needed Me. As it turned out, we didn't need them.

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