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Daydream believers

CHEERFUL! Hollyoaks Omnibus, Channel 4, 10.00am
CHOONFUL! Hollyoaks Special: Summer's Got a Secret, Channel 4, 2.05pm

So, Hollyoaks finally said goodbye to Summer and OB this week, and just in case you missed the episodes, we heartily commend this omnibus to you as something rather delightful. Don't believe us? Check out these user opinions:

'Today's episode was the most amazing, feel good TV ever. OB got the kind of ending that poor old Mandy deserved. It's not often a soap, especially such a shit one, makes me happy in such a simple way.' - Xenomaniac

'It was still very touching and I may have cried a bit. I also quite liked the manly hugging at the end.' - Sparkle

'Max and OB's Big Goodbye is LOVE.' - Joel

'Awww, that was proper lovely. Such a fitting sendoff for OB. Even the Birdseye Botherer managed not to be annoying'. - Steven

What we are saying is that you will regret it if you don't watch it NOW (or on channel 4+1 at 11.00, seeing as we are writing this rather late in the day). Thursday and Friday's episodes are less good (warning: Valentines! Boob theft anger! Rubbish Tranny! Silly drugz Plot! Jake and Nancy! Swimbint being self-righteous!) but they contain glimmers of the immense Barnesey/Plankton/Micksy love triangle so are not all bad.

And Channel 4 are spoiling us this afternoon with Summer's Got a Secret which follows LC fave Summer Strallen as she moves from the soap to star in The Sound of Music. Best of all, it doesn't even clash with Come Dine With Me today, as that is on later than usual (4.00pm, More4). The publicity shots even promise added Auntie Bonnie Langford! Result!

CHOC-FULL!Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory, Channel 4, 9.00pm

Now, this is a curious one. Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory follows entrepreneur (isn't everyone one of those these days?) Willie Harcourt-Cooze, who wants to launch his own chocolate business. Only this business isn't just any old chocolate business - he wants to own the first company since Cadbury's to grow its own chocolate as well as to manufacture and promote it.

Naturally, we are expecting thrills and spills along the way in a Trouble at the Top kind of way, and the title was too good a pun for Channel 4 to miss. We are expecting characters, challenges and all the usual stuff you get in these kind of one-off docs.

But wait a cocoa-bean-picking-minute! This isn't a one-off doc, it's a four-parter. That must mean the footage was so entertaining they couldn't contain it within just one hour. Whether it will stretch to four hours' worth of material remains to be seen, but we reckon it'll be worth giving a whirl anyway.

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Good Watch well recommended, The chocolate is available from Selfridges , Ebay ( Venezuelan Black) and http://venezuelan-black.co.uk/ if anyone is interested!

By Anonymous Choco, at 2:07 am  

For your information the above website is not the official website for Venzuelan Black (I would suggest staying clear of this bogus website), it has absolutely no affiliation with willie Harcourt-Cooze. The official website for Willie's Venezuelan Black chocolate is www.venezuelanblack.com


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:19 pm  

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