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Use the Forsyth

CELEBRATION! Happy Birthday Brucie, BBC One, 6.35pm

Happy Birthday BrucieIt must be nice to still have an influence over the nation on your eightieth birthday. Even if the influence you have is the sort to make us wipe our eyes in disbelief and stare at the screen while watching Strictly Come Dancing, not quite able to come to terms with the fact that you just broke into a quick burst of 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?' Nonetheless, the fact that you can still command an audience of around 10 million every Saturday night (with the help of a younger, sexier female sidekick, but then that's television for you) at such an age is no mean feat.

And while Bruce Forsyth's birthday hasn't been declared a national holiday (yet), the Beeb has at least commissioned a televised shindig to celebrate the fact that Brucie has turned 80 this week. The celebration is an all-star special, which sounds to us like a kind of slimmed down Royal Variety Performance, featuring turns from Jools Holland, Paul O'Grady, and our personal favourite, Miss Piggy. Also on hand are some of Bruce's celebrity chums from Strictly Come Dancing, including friend of lowculture (well, she was on the banner for a few weeks, at least) Alesha Dixon. The fact that the programme has been scheduled directly opposite ITV's Dancing on Ice is, we're sure, entirely coincidental.

We admit, we do snark on him a bit during the winter season, but it's all done with the utmost of affection, and we can't imagine Strictly without him. So, with that: many happy returns, Mr Forsyth!

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I'm hoping that people are watching SCD primarily because of Brucie rather than Tess, frankly. They seemed to carry on despite the maternity presence of Kaplinsky.

By Blogger David, at 10:22 pm  

High point of the evening?

Two words, Liza Minelli. Call me gay and/or rubbish, but it was good/bad to see her.

By Blogger Stevo, at 3:08 am  

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