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Ice ice baby

BRAVERY! Ice Road Truckers, Five, 8.00pm

Ice Road TruckersIf you're looking for something to watch on TV tonight, the first question we should be asking you is why are you not attending the great lowculture meet-up of 2008, eh? Although we suppose there are some acceptable reasons why you might not be there, such as being under house arrest, attending your own wedding, or possibly just living a little bit too far outside London for it to be a realistic possibility. If that's the case: sorry. Maybe next time, eh?

So, those of you unable to attend may need some form of televisual entertainment for tonight after all, in which case we'd like to recommend this: a quirkly little ob-doc that's made the transfer from the History Channel. We realise that sort of talk has probably already got a certain section of the audience running for the hills, but stick with us, because it's a good'un: the truckers in question transit supplies to diamond mines over deeply dodgy terrain, on what basically amounts to frozen lakes, which are supposed to support the weight of fucking great lorries. These people have got serious fucking balls, we don't mind telling you.

Obviously, any show of this nature stands and falls on the strength of its characters, and as you might expect, the sort of people who undertake a job of this nature tend to be a little on the idiosyncratic side. But they're very watchable, they tell it like it is, and they swear and rant with the same sort of ferocity as we do whenever we sit through one of Hollyoaks current drugs hell scenes (though sadly in an edited and censored pre-watershed sort of way). We can give it no heartier recommendation.

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