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Summer days, drifting away

FOND FAREWELLS! Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Every now and then, a good actor, playing a likeable character, turns up in Hollyoaks. Sadly, they don't always hang around for long. Tonight, we see the departure of Summer Shaw, played by Summer Strallen, as she goes to star as Maria in The Sound of Music. That's the character AND the actress, you know.

We have loved every moment of Summer's brief time in Hollyoaks. Her entrance when she established herself as being far too fabulous for HCC (and boy was she right) and befriended JP (briefly) was great. She floundered slightly with all that Rubbish Tranny flirting, but she soon spectacularly turned that round with a great bout of Rubbish Tranny pwning instead. We loved her never stooping to a low when Steph got insecure and bitchy. We loved her relationship with OB, and we loved the fact that she was planted in the soap by Andrew Lloyd Webber to up her profile before taking over from Connie Fisher in the West End.

So, whilst we are really pleased that she's going on to great things, we are very sad that she will be leaving Chester and making it just that bit more rubbish. Will OB stick to his guns and go with her, though?

In other plot news, the Jake/Nancy saga will hopefully reach a climax (perhaps a poor choice of word) after last night's nastiness, and the intriguing Elliot/Swimbint relationship continues to develop. We'd love it if, instead of the soap cliche of the geek being turned into a hunk, Elliot turns Sarah into a geek. It would at least stop her wearing hotpants in the middle of winter.

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