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Why the BAFTAs will be ace this year

GLITZY!The British Academy Film Awards, BBC1, 10pm

» With the writers' strike not yet having reached a conclusion, it is possible (unlikely, but possible) that the Oscars will not go ahead, thus making this THE film industry ceremony to be at in 2008.
» We liked a lot of the films we saw in 2007.
» Jonathan Ross is presenting, and he always does this kind of thing well.
» Being British, you get a better (or at least more British, older, less airbrushed) class of celebrity at this event than at the American ceremonies.
» Someone British will win something. Which will help us feel all self-satisfied and provide the papers with someone to coo over for a few days.
» The acceptance speeches are usually shorter than at the Oscars.
» We like everything we have seen that has been nominated (although we haven't seen everything on the lists) so we don't mind who or what wins.
» It has the Rising Star award that always features people who have had careers for several years, giving the audience something to complain at the screen about and thus feel superior.
» You can play 'spot the celebrity' bingo. First to spot Dame Judi Dench, Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Myleene Klass, Dame John Barrowman and Dame Jane Asher wins.

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