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Alright, still?

CHAT! Lily Allen and Friends, BBC3, 10.30pm

Lily Allen and FriendsSo, today's the day that the BBC3 relaunch starts in earnest, with two of its much-hyped new commissions airing tonight: kooky drama pilot Phoo Action at 9pm, and Lily Allen's very own chat show at 10.30pm. Obviously we're very slightly wary of popstars being given their own TV shows, since we're still psychologically scared from The Charlotte Church Show. Hopefully, Lily was taking notes while that was on, and will not at any point in this show have seemingly unending segments that are included for the specific purpose of saying how great Welsh people are and that the rest of the UK smells, or storm onto the stage with her musical guests and proceed to sing right over them in a fashion that's embarrassing for absolutely everyone involved, including the viewers.

Admittedly at the moment, there is the worrying sign that there have been pre-transmission tabloid reports that the show just isn't very good. Since the same thing happened with Charlotte's show, we're feeling a little wary at this stage. Although, there is also the fact that said report comes from the Daily Mail, and said publication may just generally be horrified at the idea that young women can go out and host chat shows when they should be at home doing the dishes.

So we're going to do the decent thing and withhold judgement unti the first episode has actually aired, but in the meantime, what can we expect? Well, apparently there will be features on web celebs, just to prove how achingly on-the-pulse this show is, and slots devoted to up-and-coming new bands. Also tonight in the we-really-hope-you-know-what-you've-let-yourself-in-for stakes is the lovely David Mitchell as an interview guest. So, fingers crossed then, because we actually don't want this to be a disaster, since Lily's already had a bit of a rough year, hasn't she? Positive thoughts, everyone!

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I was at the recording. A chunk of the audience left towards the end because it was overrunning and pretty fucking boring, but not in disgust. It also didn't help that it was in the middle of nowhere (Pinewood) late at night and people needed to get home.

Yeah, it was awkward and didn't go that well, but not in the dramatic way the Daily Mail piece claims.

By Anonymous Lauren, at 9:37 am  

On a school night?
Seriously, what is up with the scheduling of this show?

By Anonymous Dave, at 11:57 am  

I think they were trying to ride on the wave left over from the Enders repeat, but with only 255,000 viewers it feels rather lead-lined . . .

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:27 pm  

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