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The Second Coming

ARRIVED! Neighbours, Five, 1:45pm, 5:30pm, 5:10am and Five Life, 7pm

Was it only this time on Friday that we were blubbering like big girlies at the loss of Neighbours from the Beeb? Well, we are so over that now, because Neighbours on five is going to be great.

For one thing, they have kept(ish) its traditional times, so hopefully it won't feel that different. We know having adverts in the middle will be a bit weird, but at least there'll be time to go and put the kettle on or something.

For another thing, there is something rather exciting about the reliving the late 80s/early 90s-ness of having Neighbours and Home and Away back to back (though in the Yorkshire region we always had H&A before Neighbours).

However, the real positive about the move is that all those people who moan 'oh, I used to watch Neighbours, but now I'm not back from work in time' will have no excuses, because Five Life will show that day's episode at 7pm.

And, and, AND!!!! After 22 years of waiting, there is an omnibus at long last! This will be on Saturdays at midday (and we think Five Life might be showing the omnibus on Sundays as well).

All in all - a big thumbs up from us at this early stage.

We're not, however, keen on the filmic look they were showing for the clips on preview doc Neighbours on Five yesterday, mind (the aforementioned doc is repeated at 12:45pm today). It isn't Doctors, you know.

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