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Rock on

LATE! 30 Rock, Five, 11.05pm

30 RockWe've grown used to the fact that shows we adore will, more often than not, turn out to be fairly unpopular among the public at large and disappear from our screens lamentably early (see also: Night & Day, Crossroads, Veronica Mars, etc), and we've been nursing a suspicion for some time that 30 Rock was set to join their ranks. For starters, 10.40pm on a Thursday was never really a prime slot to launch a sitcom (especially not on Five), and then it started getting pushed later, and now it's come to double bills, which are seldom a good sign. Oh dear.

It's disappointing, because 30 Rock has a higher laugh-per-minute ratio than any other show we can think of right now. We still dissolve into fits of giggles every time we think about Jenna's appearance on The View ("Your father Werner was a burger server in suburban Santa Barbara when he spurned your mother Verna for a curly-haired surfer named Roberta. Did that hurt her?"), or Tracy trying to act as much like a stereotype as possible in order to embarrass Jack at the golf course, or Liz making a list of reasons to dump her boyfriend ("Pro: Jack likes him. Con: Jack likes him."), or Jack's frequent accidental double entendres ("I'll be your bottom, Kenneth, and I want you to ride me as hard as you can.") But then, it is very US-TV in-jokey, so we can see why it might not be to some people's tastes. Especially if they haven't completely rotted their brains from over-exposure to American television in the way we have.

Tonight: it's time for the renegotiations of the staff contracts, with Jenna anxious to make up for some unfortunate comments she made in an interview (only to go on TV and get Barack Obama confused with Osama bin Laden) and in the second episode, Liz is anxious to prove she isn't racist. We're fairly certain there will be hilarious misunderstandings of epic proportions, and we can't wait.

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