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10 reasons you should watch The Palace

ZIG-A-ZIG-AH! The Palace, ITV1, 9.00pm

» It's got Jane Asher in it.
» It looks absolutely ridiculous.
» It's got Jane Asher in it.
» She is playing the Queen Mother. Well, not THE Queen Mother. But A queen mother, which is almost as good.
» It's got Jane Asher in it.
» Following his father's death, the new King Richard must give up his boozing-and-shagging ways in favour of ruling-and-monarching ways.
» It's got Jane Asher in it.
» Queen Charlotte, aka JANE ASHER, likes a drink, as do the rest of them, so we will be treated to a lot of pissed-up argy-bargy. Just like real life, except with more ermine, and people clobbering each other with sceptres instead of broken WKD bottles.
» It's got Jane Asher in it.
» Radio Times describe it as "pretty laughable in places", which is as compelling an endorsement as we've ever read, even if that is almost certainly not what they intended.

PS - Did we mention? IT'S GOT JANE ASHER IN IT!

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I'm a huge fan of the palace. Not because its a brilliantly scripted or acted show, but simply because it’s light Monday night entertainment when the time slot alternatives are a cacophony of dull documentaries. Oh and I love Jane Asher.. she had a cake cook book once.. Scrumptious..

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