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Little bother

FINALLY OVER! Big Brother, Channel 4, 8.30/10.00pm

Big BrotherWe vowed at the beginning of this series that we would pretend this show wasn't even on, so entirely over it are we these days. Amusingly enough, we can't have been the only ones feeling that way, since this series has by many accounts been lacking the must-see factor, and having a considerable number of viewers remembering the advice of a certain kids' TV show of a bygone age, switching off that TV set and doing something less boring instead. Perhaps it's the curse that strikes every fourth series of Big Brother and renders it utterly unwatchable, or perhaps it's just that really, no one gives a toss any more.

We can't even say that we can remember any particularly amusing events from this year - indeed, Emily's early faux pas notwithstanding, there hasn't even been any racist horseplay for the tabloids to froth over. Sometimes this show is bad, but this year it was worse: it was boring. The early promise of the all-female household was quickly squandered, producers insisted on throwing in more and more contestants in an attempt to prolong the show, but forgetting to give any of them a personality beforehand, and as the show squeaks embarrassingly to a close this week, it definitely seems to be lacking the sense of anticipation that usually accompanies the finale.

Compare this to last year, where our initial resistance to the show was worn down by the gradual emergence of the awesomeness of Aisleyne, who clearly scored the moral victory of the series by going on to become best chums with Charlie Brooker and memorably accompanying him to Glastonbury in a tent from Argos - a feat infinitely more interesting than anything that happened inside the actual Big Brother house this year. As of tomorrow, we get our schedules back, and with Celebrity Big Brother "resting" in January (read: not coming back until they can absolutely guarantee that none of the housemates secretly harbour massively racist views that will embarrass both them and C4/Endemol when broadcast), the prospect of respite is even more blissful. Cheerio, Big Brother. Don't hurry back. Now, anybody know how we can take down The X Factor?

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Well said, Aisleyne is the best housemate ever :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:19 pm  

Ah! Another sufferer from WABBIDAD Syndrome, I see.

That's WABBIDAD - "Without Aisleyne Big Brother Is Dull As Dishwater"

Fear not - you do not suffer alone.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:22 pm  

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