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Wear and tear

SO FETCH! What Not to Wear, BBC1, 8.00pm

What Not to WearNothing ever stays the same for long in television, does it? Either producers are a little bit too tempted to fiddle with the format and end up ruining all the things that were good about it in the first place (did someone just try to hide the words "Big Brother" under a cough?), or the talent gets uppity and decides to try their luck elsewhere. Hence we ended up with two shows of a similar nature when Trinny and Susannah decamped to ITV for the modestly-titled Trinny and Susannah Undress..., while BBC1, never in a hurry to let a successful format go if it can avoid it, installed Lisa Butcher (previously famous as the plank of wood that did the occasional piece to camera in the first series of Britain's Next Top Model) and Mica Paris (previously famous for 'My One Temptation' in 1988) as replacement cohosts.

To their credit, they did a sufficiently serviceable job to be invited back for a second series, and managed not to issue any dodgy-sounding marriage guidance advice while going about their day jobs, unlike some people we could mention. Having said that, it sounds like there may be worrying pop-psychology leanings in this opening episode: Meesh and Lees are faced with a selection of twins who are determined to dress alike and, selecting one each (a bit like Madonna selecting a child from the developing world, you know how it goes), try to cultivate a sense of individuality in them. If this were a movie where both twins were played by a preteen Lindsay Lohan with a mischievous glint in her eye, we'd be right on board, but with actual people this seems a bit...questionable.

It does provoke some interesting ideas for TV job swaps, mind. Perhaps Mica and Lisa could swap with Professor Robert Winston, and he can give sartorial advice on this show while they examine the effects of nature vs nurture on A Child of our Time. Right, we're off to pitch that to Peter Fincham...

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