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Stars in their minds

PARANORMAL! Sally Morgan: Star Psychic, ITV2, 11.30pm

Sally Morgan: Star PsychicWe scoured the Radio Times for something to write about today, and found ourselves coming up rather short. There doesn't seem to be anything that we haven't already covered recently that we could muster up any any interest in, so we found ourselves scraping the bottom of the lowculture barrel and resorted to things airing late at night on digital TV that sound quite easy to make fun of. We don't feel proud about it.

We have a faint recollection of catching a smattering of this once while we were waiting for something else to come on, presumably one of the holy triumvirate of Supernatural, American Idol or Katie and Peter. We remember the opening sequence of it involving the titular Sally going up an escalator and looking quite smiley, and featuring a testimony from that week's celebrity, the lovely Kym Marsh Ryder saying how uncannily accurate the whole experience had been. Hmm. All this smiling and positivity is making it harder for us to poke fun. We don't like to take the piss out of nice people, just the ones who deserve it.

Anyway, we're presuming that Sally is a star psychic in the sort of way that Victoria Newton isn't, and her predictions don't involve just saying things like "the Sugababes will split" repeatedly for three years just so you can say that you predicted it by the time it eventually happens. After all, if she predicts the sort of thing that we can all guess from reading Heat magazine, there's probably not much point to the show, so we're guessing she gets to some gritty, well-hidden celebrity secrets. Sadly today's featured "celebrities" are Phil Tufnell and Lady Victoria Hervey, who probably don't have anything interesting to hide anyway, but you never know, do you?

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SALLY MORGAN ON T.V. – Absolutely Amazing.
SALLY MORGAN ON STAGE – Rubbish Beyond Belief!!!!

What is going on here?

After watching Sally’s TV. Series my friend Richard & I both felt that she was the best psychic that we had ever seen on TV. We never doubted the integrity of the producers when they said that Sally had no prior knowledge of the people that she was going to read. We had seen Colin Fry & Tony Stockwell live on stage & were both happy with their performances so we looked forward to one day seeing Sally.

We had taped Sally’s TV shows & lent them to Jackie, telling her & others that she proves beyond doubt that there is life after death. We sang her praises & long last finally closed the door on the remaining scepticism regarding the after life. When we booked our tickets to see Sally in Grimsby Our friend Jackie came too.

On arrival we were given small cards to write a question to Sally. Both the examples were questions relating to how things would turn out in the future which did seem a bit odd. If we hadn’t been amazed by Sally on the TV we would have been suspicious as telling the future doesn’t prove that the medium has any psychic ability. Richard mentioned later that he wondered if we were supposed to believe that those on the other side knew the future? Whilst we were waiting to go in a man came to me & asked if I Would like to ask Sally a question on video that may get shown to the audience. “Wow” I was so excited at the possibility of getting a reading.

Sally started the evening with a fairly long talk about herself growing up which was accompanied by photos. I found this to drag on way too long. When she next showed some clips from her TV series I wasn’t happy, as I had come to see her give readings. Once she started the readings I sat in utter disbelief, as more & more people said “NO” to her statements. Each person also had the video camera on them so that they could be seen very clearly on the big screen. I watched as she said a name to someone & when she saw them looking confused or shaking their head she either changed or twisted the name to mean something completely different or cut the reading off & quickly moved on to someone else. I was getting angrier & angrier at the total charade of this woman who obviously wasn’t concerned that she was exploiting & conning some very vulnerable people. My blood began to boil and before the first break I had to walk out before I started shouting out. Jackie & Richard came out soon after & we all agreed that she was Absolutely Crap. Jackie wanted to give her a second chance in case it was just nerves at being with such a large audience. I felt that if she was genuine & that was the case she would have apologised, stopped the show & offered a refund to keep her reputation. Richard & I agreed to go back in but I was just hoping that she would choose my video question so that I could ask her why she was Rubbish Beyond Belief.
The second half was just the same deceit & lies. A very distressed woman asked about her recently deceased brother & Sally got it all wrong again. The woman ended up telling her most of what happened & Sally asked if he died in the car, to which she said no. Next Sally asked if he died in the ambulance & the woman said that he died in Hospital. I couldn’t stand much more of this & was getting ready to walk out again before I lost my temper with this patronising, condescending con woman. When she lied to an extremely distraught woman about her deceased grandchild I couldn’t stay one more minute & marched out.

Surely somebody out there could investigate the making of her TV series as in my opinion it had to be rigged. SALLY YOU ARE A DISGRACE & AN INSULT TO PEOPLE WITH INTELLIGENCE.

By Blogger pilgrim1322, at 7:51 pm  

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