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Back with the flava of the year

PRENATAL! Katie and Peter: The Baby Diaries, ITV2, 9.00pm

Katie and Peter: The Baby DiariesPossibly breaking a record for shortest absence from our screens ever, it would appear that Katie and Peter are back, back, back! as Smash Hits used to say, if only for a two-part special. That's pretty impressive though, considering it seems like only about two weeks ago we were lamenting the end of their last series. Obviously they just couldn't bear to stay away from us. It's rather sweet, really. Awww.

While we've all seen the news reports and pictures of t'new babby (congratulations, by the way, Mr and Mrs Andre!) and therefore this series is rather robbed of some level of dramatic tension, assuming it would have had any in the first place, there's probably still going to be a lot of fun to be had from watching the alarmingly candid couple interact in the run-up to the birth. We still haven't quite recovered from Peter saying "why do you want to bleach your arsehole? It's not like you let me anywhere near it" in the last series. Perhaps we're just out of touch with what qualifies as flirtatious banter these days, though.

Anyway, we're not sure if the entire pregnancy is compressed into two episodes or whether there are more, as yet unscheduled, on the horizon, but we're promised to be there from the conception (not the literal point of conception, because ewww) right up to the birth, with all the ups and downs and overshares along the way. If the previous series are anything to go by, it should be horribly compelling.

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