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Spin when you're winning

POLITICS! The Thick Of It: Spinners and Losers, BBC4, 9.00pm

The Thick of ItThe Thick of It is one of those programmes that we always have noble ambitions to watch and broaden our intellectual wingspan, but never quite get around to because we usually discover there's a Tru Calling marathon on the other side, and we end up going to bed feeling a bit ashamed of ourselves. So we find ourselves making the same resolution to watch it tonight, and hoping we actually go through with it this time.

Our only experience of the show so far has been a couple of isolated incidents at work with people coming up to us and saying "d'you know, you look just like that guy off The Thick of It" (after some painstaking research and some further questioning, we discovered that the guy in question was Chris Addison and we concluded that the comparison was not meant offensively), but we do know a large section of people who swear it's the best thing on television, and they are people whose opinions we value considerably, so there's a lot riding on us actually enjoying it when we finally get to see it.

Anyway: from what we've gathered, the Christmas special ended in disarray when the prime minister resigned (topical!), and this follow-up covers the behind-the-scenes folk running around trying to find a successor while churning out as much spin as possible. Please be absolutely sure that you tune in to the right show and that you don't end up accidentally watching the news instead, because there's a good chance the two could end up looking quite similar.

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