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Star, that's what they call you

BACK! Star Stories, Channel 4, 9.30pm

Star StoriesFirst impressions are not always accurate, and we're big enough to admit when we were wrong. When we saw the trailers for the first series of Star Stories, we thought it looked and sounded unfunny in that obvious, Bo Selecta sort of way. And while the gags were a bit hit and miss, when it was hit the target, it left us cackling very loudly in a most undignified manner. The George Michael episode was a particular highlight, especially Boy George's tendency to scuttle into scenes like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

With this in mind, we're quite excited to see it back for a second series, even if the topic for the first episode seems a tad obvious (then again, subtlety was never the first series' strong point in the first place): the story of Take That. Cue an excuse for the main cast to squeeze into some not-quite-big-enough leather and PVC outfits and camp it up royally. And given that the story is subtitled 'Gary Barlow Productions Presents: The Take That Story', it's fair to say it'll be a fairly irreverent take (no pun intended) on the subject.

Friday nights aren't really the comedy haven they used to be, especially now Big bloody Brother has a chokehold on the schedule and refuses to go away, but this has the potential to brighten up the next couple of weeks. Literally, in fact, because this plays up to its tabloid-spoofing roots with some of the most attention-seeking colours possible. Bring sunglasses, just in case.

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